Gratitude Prayer to Your Heart

We often use prayer to ask for things, but it's the perfect tool for sending out gratitude into the world, the universe, people and circumstances and the parts of life that we are appreciative of and want to attract more of.

Intention Meditation

Why do an intention meditation? Because words are powerful, especially when they are spoken, and intentions are very powerful. When we set an intention, it is like setting our internal navigation system. Enter the coordinates and let your mind, your feelings, your actions, your words, your decisions, and your thoughts follow your lead today.

Prayer For Unconditional Love

Please enjoy this prayer for unconditional love whenever you wish to connect with this universal and deep love and share it with the world. When you pray for unconditional love, you raise your frequency and fill yourself up with beautiful energy that you then bless the world with.

Prayer For Unconditional Love