Affirmations For Creative Freedom

Do you want more creativity in your life? Do you want to stop being so afraid of what people are gonna think of your creative efforts? Are you sick and tired of constantly being afraid of failure and holding yourself back? You’re not alone! Don’t fret. These affirmations for creative freedom will work for you.

Our creativity has been hijacked by capitalism, competitive thinking (i.e. fear) and so much negativity. We are all creative beings and expressing yourself freely is your birthright. It feels so good to let the creative flow grab you and take you on a wild journey full of life, unpredictability, joy and freedom.

Use these affirmation cards for creative freedom to replace old fears with joy, empowerment and excitement. Don’t let anything hold you back! Paint! Photograph! Dance! Write! Draw! Do the twist! Do whatever you want, darling, and however you want to do it. You’re a star.

Let’s Do This!

Use these affirmations daily if you want more creative freedom in your life. Save your favorites – those that really vibe with you – on your computer or get the whole set down below at the bottom of the page.

Don’t do affirmations that make you feel like πŸ˜’, πŸ™„ or 😬, but only the ones that make you feel like 😎, πŸ₯³ and πŸ₯°. You know what I’m talking about. Stick to the affirmations that make you feel like you switched on a lightbulb in your head or that made your heart skip a beat because those are the affirmations that resonate with you.

What you give love and gratitude to will grow. Including you and your creativity.
If you are a sensitive, creative soul, chances are you're a bit of a people pleaser... because you want others to feel good. Well, this is about YOU feeling good. Don't forget to value yourself highly.
Creativity can be very personal and intimate and you can keep it as a precious secret if you want. Sometimes it's important to make things offical, but not always. Listen to your gut and do what feels right to you. You have right to your privacy.
Because creativity has been hijacked in our culture by capitalism and competative thinking (i.e. fear), many people are secretly suffering because they have lost their creative freedom. Unfortunately that means that many are jealous and envious of creative people. Beware, and don't let that toxicity into your space. People worth your time will congratulate and admire you and be inspired!
Be free, darling! Flow freely and powerfully like a waterfall.
Many people block their creativity before it's even had a change to come to life. Don't put judgements on your creativity - please - it's a sacred playground where we have fun and rejoice in being alive.

Download Affirmation Cards

Get all 11 affirmation cards for Creative Freedom in high quality for Β£1. You get 11 beautiful affirmations in the size 4134 x 4134 pixels at 300 resolution, which is 35 x 35 cm in print size at the highest quality (zip file, download link sent to your e-mail). Then you can use the affirmations as you want – set them as a screen saver, print them or add them to your personal photo album or vision board.

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Featured photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca on Pexels.