Affirmations For More Creativity

You can use these beautiful affirmations for more creativity daily to get over your creative blocks and get started on your next creative project or activity! There is so much that can keep us from drawing, painting, dancing, playing music, or whatever it is that your heart is longing for.

Affirmation cards is a great tool when you want to put your foot down and get over your old hang-ups. Don’t worry, we all have them, and we can all get over them too. You’ll remember that your creative life is yours and yours only. 🧚🏻‍♀️

Unique Beautiful Affirmations

There is no limit to your creativity. The more you open up to it and make space for it and LOVE it, the smoother the flow.
Affirmations for a creative life
This affirmation helps you to get out of your own way, and to move from head to heart. Let go of control to reclaim your creative freedom.
Affirmations for creative people
It's easy to get lost in daydreaming and wishful thinking, but to actually make stuff happen we need to schedule it in, otherwise it will never happen. Make space for creative freedom in your calendar!
Affirmations for creative people
Your awareness is truly transformative!! Pay attention to what's going on - don't judge it but be neutral - and make the conscious choice to move from fear to love. Say yes to yourself instead of no.
Affirmations for a creative life
A healthy reminder that you don't need to make money from your creativity to be an artist. And that you don't need anyone's approval.

How To Use Affirmations Successfully

The most important aspect of using affirmations for transformation and manifestation is to how we feel when we affirm. You need to be in a good space when you use your affirmations and feel your heart expand when you say them out loud.

It’s easier than it may sound. Don’t do affirmations that make you feel like 😒, 🙄 or 😬, but only the ones that make you feel like 😎, 🥳 and 🥰. You know what I’m talking about. Stick to the affirmations that make you feel like you switched on a lightbulb in your head or that made your heart skip a beat. Those are the affirmations that resonate with you and will improve your life.

The next step is to download the affirmations to your device so that you can use them each day at a certain time. You can get all 11 affirmation cards for more creativity in high quality for £1. Then you can use the affirmations as you want – set them as a screen saver, print them or add them to your personal photo album or vision board.

Size 4134 x 4134 pixels at 300 resolution, which is 35 x 35 cm in print size at the highest quality (zip file, download link sent to your e-mail).

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Featured photo by Batuhan Alper Bilginer on Pexels.