Love For Mother Earth

A love that we all take for granted is the love that Mother Earth has for all living life. Everything that keeps us alive is a gift from Her. There would be no air, no water, no food, no sun, no flowers, no trees, no breath… She pours her love over us 24/7. Producing the food that we need to stay alive and prosper and revel. Let’s marvel at the intricacy of her intelligence and consider the complexity of her love.

Tell me, do you stop to thank her for the bounty she provides for you, or do you just grab what you need and get on with your life? Most of us forget because we are so self-absorbed. Real talk! If you were a planetary consciousness with 7.7 billion human children to nurture… would you just give, give, give and give? Even if they behaved as if they were trying to kill you.

Remember To Thank Her

I suggest we take a moment now in silence and set the intention to thank Her before we enjoy our food. When we take a shower. When we drink a glass of water or juice. If we all thank her once a week, that is 1.1 billion thank yous per day. She is as alive as can be, with a magnificent consciousness waaaay beyond what we can even imagine.

Wake up! Wake up and see her clearly! You will weep tears of joy, love, shame, sadness, gratitude, and reverence.

Consider her immense intelligence, endless devotion, and unconditional love. She can truly teach humanity to get to a whole new level. To not conserve love for a chosen few, but to extend it towards all.

Take time to appreciate the flowers that you walk by today. Admire them and thank them for making this world so beautiful. Or hug a tree. Kiss a leaf. We are all atomic parts of a mind-blowing symphony of creation.

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