10 Minute Guided Meditation for Heart Connection | Sunday Meditation

This week’s guided meditation is a 10-minute heart meditation with a fun video. 🥳💛👩🏻‍🎤✨✨ If you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel please make sure to do so now, because there is a new guided meditation coming out each Sunday. Click here to subscribe.

This is a healing, empowering and soothing meditation that you can keep coming back to whenever you want to energize yourself with heart-centred energy. Sit or lay down in a comfortable spot and treat yourself with this soul medicine now. Be naturally drunk.

Meditation Video on YouTube

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Meditation Transcription

Hello darling.

Sit or lay down and put your headphones on.
Make yourself really comfortable.
Be warm, relaxed and let go of the world outside.
Close your eyes.
We are going to dive deep into your heart.

Your heart is the gateway to your soul and God, the Divine,
Source, or whatever you want to call it.
Words don’t matter in the wise realm of the heart.

If your mind bugs you at any point during the meditation,
just let it be and don’t take it so seriously. Just keep directing
your focus to my voice, the music, and the beautiful sensations
of your heart.

Please place your hands on your heart and take a couple of deep belly breaths.
Can you feel your heart beating in the palms of your hands?
Just pay attention to your breath for a few moments
without trying to control it, while keeping your hands on your heart.

Each time you breathe in, fill your heart with a bright white light, and as you breathe out, let the light shoot out in all directions around you, like a sun.

Breathe in the light with gratitude
Breathe it out into the world with love

You and me, and everyone else on this planet and this universe, are made of energy. We are energetic beings and when we bring more positive, bright, loving light into our bodies and our lives, we are raising our vibration and clearing out low frequencies.

It’s like stepping out of the house and into a sunny day. It’s a choice that we make. A step that we take. And you can choose your vibration and your energy, just like changing a light bulb in your heart.

Let’s put a strong, vibrant, happy and bright light bulb in there now, and let that light fill your divine heart with the most beautiful sensations.

Let a steady flow of pure bright light fill up your heart, your ribcage, your entire torso and your entire body. The energy is making you feel warm and relaxed, loved and cared for. Let this energy fill you because you deserve it. Picture it, sense it or just imagine it however feels natural to you.

Regardless of whether you are able to sense or feel it at this this time, you were born with this healing power, because you are a Divine Being so vast and ancient, far more than just a human being. You are using your healing abilities to heal your heart now.

Let your heart open like a huge magnificent flower made of pure white light. We will do some deep breathing. We will breathe slowly and deeply to facilitate this healing now. Breathe in, to the count of four, and out to the count of eight, five times. Nice and slow.

In: 1, 2, 3, 4
Out: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Pay attention to how your heart feels right now. Let anything that wants to be released just go with the stream of light to be transmuted and healed. Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore – old feelings of hurt or regret or resentment – to make space for more light, love and happiness.

Your feelings are sacred no matter what they are, so allow yourself to really open up your heart and thank it for everything. Promise to remember that your heart is your gateway to your soul and to honor it daily.

Let your hands meet in a prayer pose in front of your heart. Now you are truly buzzing with Divine Love and Light, ready to continue the day as the shining, gorgeous Sacred being that you are.