5 Min Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

This week’s meditation is a 5 min Heart Chakra Healing Meditation. Take the opportunity to connect deeply with your heart chakra in just five minutes. There is also a 10 minute heart chakra meditation available if you have some more time to spare. Either way, five minutes is better than 0, and this is a powerful and effective meditation! 😊

In this video, I also talk a little bit about the heart chakra and its magical and healing aspects. We spend most of our time up in the brain/mind space, and taking a pause and placing our attention on the heart is super important for all of us; for our physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual wellbeing. So, definitely worth 5 minutes of your day.

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At the end of the video, I announce the theme for next week’s meditation. Because – as you know – I publish a new meditation every single Sunday. Please remember to like, subscribe, share and comment, because I need your support! Let’s begin.

Guided Heart Chakra Meditation on YouTube

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Transcription of 5 Min Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

Hello darling.

Sit or lay down and put your headphones on. Do whatever adjustments you need to do right now to be warm and comfortable. Close your eyes. We are going to dive deep into your heart.

Because your heart is the gateway to your soul and God, the Divine, or whatever you want to call the loving force that gave you your life and that’s always loving, protecting and supporting you, when you let it.

Please place your hands on your heart and take a couple of deep belly breaths.

Can you feel your heart beating in the palms of your hands? Just pay attention to your breath for a few moments without trying to control it, while keeping your hands on your heart.

When you connect with your heart, you meet yourself on a deep level. It is also a way of filling yourself up with Divine Love. You will fill your body, your mind and your spirit with so much sparkling, highly energetic Divine Love that it will pour out into your day, your life, your home and your future. It will give you a new level of understanding and make you feel better each day about yourself and the life that you lead.

With your inner vision, see how golden energy starts streaming from the palms of your hands into your heart. It is a steady flow of pure golden light that fills up your heart, your ribcage, your entire torso. The energy is making you feel warm and relaxed, loved and cared for. Picture this golden energy filling you.

Regardless of whether you are able to sense or feel it at this this time, you were born with this healing power, because you are a Divine Being so vast and ancient, far more than just a human being. You can use your healing abilities to heal your heart now.

The golden energy keeps streaming out of the palms of your hands into your heart – deep, deep into your heart. Allow it to open like a blossoming flower. Your feelings are sacred no matter what they are, so allow yourself to really open up your heart to welcome the golden light that will help you to heal any grief, sadness or unforgiveness.

Let the golden light swirl around in your heart, your chest, your stomach and your abdomen, flowing further into your arms and legs and hands and feet, flowing up through your neck and shooting out of your head in all directions like a sun. Stretch your arms out to the sides and let the light shoot out of your palms filling your aura and flowing into your physical existence, into your daily life, your relationships and your home.

Now you are truly buzzing with Divine Love and Light, ready to continue the day as the shining, gorgeous Sacred being that you are.