5 Minute Guided Meditation

This week’s meditation with your meditation guide Elínrós is a very effective and quick guided meditation that makes you feel relaxed, happy and at peace. Watch the video or download the mp3 to have easy access to your favorite meditations with a couple of simple clicks on your mobile device. 😎

Manuscript to 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Welcome to this 5 minute guided meditation for positive energy & thinking.
You can do this meditation anywhere, anytime.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Breathe all the way down into your belly.

Move your attention to your heart.
It helps to put a hand there, if you can.
But if you can’t do that right now,
just do it with your inner vision.

Be aware of your heart’s natural rhythm.
Your incredible body is taking care of itself
and you can just relax.

Feel your weight against the surface underneath you.
Gravity is holding you in place.

Let go a little bit more and release any tension in your body.
Wonderful, now let your shoulders and neck relax.
Let your jaw and face relax.
Release any tension in your hands.
Let your arms and legs relax.

Bring back your focus to your heartbeat
and think of someone, some place or something that you love.

I can a loved one, a holiday memory or a fantasy.
Really picture this in front of you.

Imagine that you are in that moment now.
And let the love and joy fill you up inside.
You feel so relaxed and content.

Take a deep breath and let the good feelings
vibrate through your entire body.

Wiggle your toes and fingers, slowly open your eyes.
I wish you a wonderful day ahead.

Download mp3 for easy access

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