Guided Meditation for Peaceful Sleep | Sunday Meditation

It’s finally Sunday again and that means a new guided meditation. Lots of people are finding it difficult to sleep peacefully right now and that’s why I decided to create a guided meditation for a peaceful sleep. When you do some conscious breathing, move your attention to your heart space and allow beautiful energies to enter your space and your body, you sleep like a baby.

In fact, you might even have some very inspired, healing dreams. Because this is all about healing, baby. When we meditate – regardless of the techniques we are using – we are creating space for the healing grace of the universe to enter and do its magic. Even it if can be hard to believe sometimes, there is a divine intelligence at play, and it wants the best for us. So, let’s connect with those loving, healing energies with this guided meditation and set ourselves up for a really, really peaceful sleep.

Sleep Meditation Video on YouTube

Get The Full mp3 Meditation

Click here to get the full meditation for £1. Downloadable mp3, 15 minutes long.

Tips For Successful Sleep Meditation

  • Download the mp3 and add it to your library on your phone with a playlist called “Naturally Drunk” so that you can easily find it
  • Put your phone in airplane mode and turn off sound, no wifi
  • Shower or wash your face before going to bed (remove make-up)
  • Brush your teeth and drink a small glass of room temp water
  • Make yourself really comfortable in bed
  • If you don’t have a comfortable pillow, get one!
  • Lay down on your back with arms and legs stretched out
  • Use headphones
  • Turn the lights completely off
  • Close the door to your bedroom

Credits: Photos by Matheus Bertelli and Georgia Macielfrom Pexels.