Join me in this healing guided meditation for peace when you want to feel inner peace, reduce stress and anxiety. It’s 10 minutes long and you can do this meditation anywhere at any time. This is a perfect guided meditation for peace and healing when you want to feel stillness within. Step into your internal world and fill it with beautiful feelings and calming thoughts.

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Download mp3 for easy access

Click here to purchase meditation mp3 for £1. Add the audio file to your music player software and create a playlist for easy access. It will increase the chance that you actually meditate regularly!

7-Week Course to Make Your Soul Sparkle

This course is comprised of 7 Masterclasses (1 hour each), 31 Uniquely Designed Soul Glow Meditations + 14 Secret Bonus Videos. And although it’s not launching until 1st of Sept, you can read more about it here: Course Info

In the first week you’ll get answers to questions like:
Why should I meditate and what are the benefits of daily meditation?
How can I use my energy, the energy of the earth and the universe to my benefit?
How can I use my breath to be present, aware and centred?
How can I finally stop that mind-chatter?!

In week two it’s all about the morning meditation, and you’ll get answers to qu
estions like: How can you clear your body, mind and soul of clutter to welcome a brand new day? What is the best way to do a morning meditation? Why is morning meditation so important?

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