It’s your birth right to become aware of your magnificence and to bask in the light of your soul.

Meditation to connect to the soul 🧘🏾‍♀️

Welcome to this week’s guided meditation with me, Elínrós. Today we are doing a meditation to connect to the soul and get in touch with spirit. In this meditation, we will expand your awareness and connect to your spiritual essence, which is vast, ancient and full of divine love, wisdom and strength. Regardless of whether you think it’s true or not that you are a limitless divine being having an Earthly experience, this meditation is for you.

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All meditations are in one way or another designed for you to get in touch with your higher consciousness. We can get really creative on our spiritual path and play with our limitless possibilities!

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What to Expect of the Meditation

The meditation to connect to the soul is 20 minutes long and first half is very grounding, because it is super important to be very grounded first, and then expand beyond the physical firmly rooted in the physical realm. In the second half you will experience your expanded consciousness. Let yourself explore this freedom of movement in the positive and loving energies flying through the air like sparks of spirit.

This is the vastness of your soul that surrounds your body. Your consciousness contracts and expands as per your instruction, simply with your intention. Expand your consciousness now and allow yourself to explore the essence of this liberating experience.

Remember who you are. A divine, loving and powerful soul having a physical experience on Earth. You never need to feel confined to the limits of your physical body again. You can appreciate your body and your soul equally and be empowered by your inner wisdom, passionate heart and strength. This is such a joyful way of living! It’s your birth right to become aware of your magnificence and to bask in the light o your soul.

Lots of soft, deep impersonal love from me to you,

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