10 Min Morning Meditation to Have A Great Day

This week’s meditation is a morning meditation to have a really good day! It’s 10 minutes long and designed to get your heart sparkling with positive energy and make sure that you have a great day.

As always, the meditation is available on this page, on our YouTube channel and also on the mp3 page. This week we have also launched a 7-week meditation course! Soul Glow. It’s a course for those of you who want to develop a daily meditation practice and to explore your spirituality further. It will be fun, profound and very enrinching.

Video: Morning Meditation to Have A Great Day

7-Week Course to Make Your Soul Sparkle

This course is comprised of 7 Masterclasses (1 hour each), 31 Uniquely Designed Soul Glow Meditations + 14 Secret Bonus Videos. And although it’s not launching until 1st of Sept, you can read more about it here: Course Info

In the first week you’ll get answers to questions like:
Why should I meditate and what are the benefits of daily meditation?
How can I use my energy, the energy of the earth and the universe to my benefit?
How can I use my breath to be present, aware and centred?
How can I finally stop that mind-chatter?!

In week two it’s all about the morning meditation, and you’ll get answers to qu
estions like: How can you clear your body, mind and soul of clutter to welcome a brand new day? What is the best way to do a morning meditation? Why is morning meditation so important?

I can’t wait to get started with the course! But there will also be weekly guided meditations of course.