Learn How To Channel Divine Light

This week we are doing a meditation to channel divine light. It’s like plugging yourself back into where you came from; to Source, God, the Divine or whatever you wanna call it. This is a pretty advanced way of working with energy and if this is completely new to you, working with higher dimensions and the 12-chakra system, you may not be able to connect all the way at once or register the frequencies. But on the other hand, your soul knows how to channel divine light and how to fill you up with divine light, so, if you let go a bit and let spirit lead the way, you can have a beautiful experience.

We’re not separate from source, although it may seem like that, now when we have this physical experience. There’s a connection flowing all the way from the highest high down to the physical plane, into the mind and our entire body. But we, as individuals, have to make the choice to flip that switch on. That’s what we call free will. We have to consciously and willingly click on the light switch and open up the floodgates, so that the light can start flowing in.

Meditation To Channel Divine Light

You don’t need to be a perfect person with no faults to do this. Thankfully, considering there are no such people. There is nothing religious in my approach. No dogma. I don’t care if you are a murderer, a terrible person, a violent person or an adulteress, a corporate villain or whatever it may be. Ascension is the only thing I believe will create actual change in this world. It’s what transforms people. It’s unconditional love. Our shadow selves are literally enlightened where the light of our awareness shines. Like the sun of our souls. It’s that simple.

Ascension means to ascend higher and higher in frequency and opening up to divine energies is a way of doing that. Channelling divine light and connecting back to source can be done in many ways and there is no right way or wrong way. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to explore your personal spirituality. This meditation technique can be a tool in your toolbox if it’s appealing to you.

Anyone can do this meditation to channel divine light and anyone can learn how to channel divine light. To your soul, this is as natural as breathing air is to your body.

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Why should I meditate and what are the benefits of daily meditation?
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