Connect With The Heart

My intention this morning is to go from mind to heart – to be heart-centered today. If you have attempted to connect with the heart before, then you know how scary it can be to take that step. We are so attached to our incessantly computing minds that we think everything is going to go sideways if we take one moment away from analytical thinking.

Are you sometimes wondering if we should be afraid of Artificial Intelligence? Well. Many times we are nothing more than robots anyways. Just because we have feelings doesn’t mean that we are not puppets of our brain. A lot of our feelings are created by the chemicals that our brain orchestrates. So we all need to step away
from time to time.

From the head down
along the throat, into the chest.
Becoming aware of our heart space.
Placing a hand on our heart and just breathe.
It is your own treasure cove. It is the end of your rainbow.

Why is it so hard? Stress is the new normal

Many of us are stressed in daily life, which can be so demanding. The speed that we live life these days is nuts. In the city, we are bombarded with impressions. Everything wants our attention and it is inhuman. We tense up because we are stressed. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated. It is the body’s setting for danger and it prepares us to fight, flight, or freeze.

We live as if there is always something that might attack us or try to harm us or cheat us. We are defensive and on edge, not trusting one another. Have you noticed the hard faces and tense mouths, and fists on the underground? Those are signs that someone is under great pressure (not that they are bad people).

The opposite happens when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. It relaxes the body by decreasing respiration and heart rate. It also increases digestion. Have you noticed the indigestion epidemic? Our bodies can’t process what we eat or feel anymore. It is because we are stressing around with our sympathetic nervous system on alert most of the day.

Connect With The Heart

The Power of the Heart

This would be a great title of a book and I can’t make the heart justice with a couple of paragraphs in a blog post! This is the seat of the soul. Our gateway to the divine and sacred wisdom and qualities that the mind cannot grasp and much less generate, such as unconditional love, compassion, and peace.

Compassion is not something that we can analyze our way to – it is non-linear wisdom rooted in unconditional love and forgiveness. It is non-judgemental. Have you noticed how much the mind loves to throw judgments left and right 24/7? 🤨 Pay attention today to the way your mind is judging people and places and situations, and how that makes you act and feel.

When the mind is free to roam it operates on a very low and negative level. But we can fix that by being aware and consciously choosing loving and inclusive thoughts instead. My point is that the heart has a lot to offer you, and you need to practice being heart-centered if you want to be more loving, aware, conscious, compassionate, awake, present, serene, peaceful, relaxed, calm, balanced, happy…

Connecting With Your Heart

Ways to Go From Stressed to Serene

Spend 5 minutes with your heart

Find a place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lay down comfortably and light a candle if you can. Put on headphones if the sound outside is disturbing you. Play something serene and peaceful, not a song that triggers old memories. Now just take a deep breath and put your hands on (or near) your heart. Just breathe in and out deeply and place your focus on your heart space.

If your mind wanders, just come back to the focus on your heart space. Be still. Don’t get annoyed. Be compassionate and understanding toward yourself. Show yourself the love you deserve. Do this for five minutes, and do this as often as you want to. Just be present with this moment and let it be exactly how it is.

Meditate Daily for at least 15 minutes

Yes, there is no way around this. Is it not about time that you make space for a meditation practice in your daily life? The benefits are MASSIVE. It is like turning the light switch on in life. It is the biggest favor you can do yourself and those around you. It is like having a daily shower that washes away old thoughts, stress, feelings, and energies.

Be one of those who actually meditate and not just keep talking about how they wanna do it (🥱). It’s ok if you just end up doing it 4-5 days a week. Aim to do it daily and do the best you can. It will set you up for an enormously improved life.

Recommended Guided Meditations

Bonus tips: If you feel really stressed-out and disconnected, read this article about how to connect with nature.