Healing with the Violet Flame

There are many healing modalities available to us, protected and managed by Angels, Ascended Masters and other light beings devoted to bringing healing and ascension to the Earth. Healing with the violet flame offers incredible healing to all of us who want to release old karma, stagnant energy and let go of everything that does not serve us anymore. You can call on Melchizedek, Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germain, Lady Portia, Amethyst, the Violet Fire Dragons, the Violet Flame Angels, and other magnificent beings to assist you with this healing.

If you do not know who to call on or how to proceed, just move into your heart and ask your Guardian Angel to assist you with healing with the violet flame (a.k.a. violet/lilac fire) and be receptive to the guidance and direction that flows through. Because it will flow through, even if you may not be consciously aware of it at this stage.

Do you want to dive right into the healing journey?
Healing guide: Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek

Healing with the Violet Flame

Multi-Dimensional Karmic Healing

I created this painting when I first came into contact with the healing power of the violet flame. Its phenomenal multi-dimensional strength can blow through your cobwebs across all time, space, dimensions and realities, leaving you lighter and refreshed in a higher vibration and with more clarity.

It is a very helpful tool for those of us who are interested in clearing accumulated human gunk on all levels: collective, ancestral, societal, familial, personal, and so on. For it ‘to work’ we just need to set our intention for what we want to let go of and then be open the clearing, in alignment with unconditional love and the highest good of all.

Should you do a clearing with the lilac fire or not? Follow your heart and intuition. If you are drawn towards it; do it! If it doesn’t sound interesting to you; don’t! There is a time and a place and the more you can align yourself with your natural flow – your own unique evolution – the easier life will become. You will not struggle and push and suffer as you used to, but life will become easier and more enjoyable over time.

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Let’s Be Realistic!

This is of course not a matter of clicking on a button and be over with it. Healing takes time and devotion. It is a process of life. It is one aspect of a holistic lifestyle, which should also include daily meditation, contemplation, journaling, exercise, reflection, and everything else that we do to stay present, grounded, and awake.

You can always come back to the Violet Flame. You can incorporate it into your daily practice, starting the day with a cleansing ‘energy shower’ to burn away what does not serve your highest path, as recommended by the Ascended Masters. Life on Earth is challenging for lightworkers and this is a very, very helpful tool for anyone who wants to keep their energies vibrating at a high frequency, although the general frequency among people is very low.

Avoid ‘Overheating’

Regardless of what healing modalities you are working with, it is important that you are centered and grounded and that you pay attention to your intuition. It is your internal guidance system. A helpful tool to avoid ‘overheating’ is to always add the statement ‘…in alignment with divine timing, unconditional love and compassion and for the highest good of all.’ to whatever you are asking the universe for. Doing too much too soon is never a good idea. These energies are way beyond intense. Imagine flying straight into a million suns. Could end pretty badly, right?

When we do too much too soon in the realm of energy healing, we can blow a fuse or two. It is like staring into the sun and then losing your vision for a while, which can also have lasting effects on your senses. So be careful and always come from a place of self-compassion, self-love, and self-respect when you work with these cosmic energies and respect them fully.

Healing with the Violet Flame

Guided Videos for Healing with the Violet Flame

There are some great tools out there, especially on YouTube! I can also recommend that you save an image of the painting on your computer if you are attracted to it. There are beautiful art prints of the painting available here on my art website. I will also publish a healing guide for the violet flame soon, and record it as a guided healing.

The Violet Flame is Calling You

As you have found this article and made it all the way to the end, it means that you are ready to work with the violet flame. You can be of great service to your community, family, and the entire planet. Clearing out your old stuff benefits everyone because we are all connected. And as you continue your healing, you reach deeper and deeper layers, serving the collective consciousness with your actions of love and devotion.

The world can seem grim at times but remember to appreciate the progress as well. Meditation, yoga, recycling, and veganism has become trendy terms. And although we are barely scratching the surface, it is one step in the right direction. Take another step – a significant one – and receive this gift of healing with the Violet Flame from the Ascended Masters that love you unconditionally. Eternally.