How to Forgive And Find Peace

Forgiveness is such a vast and deep subject on the healing path towards peace, love, and happiness. So, how can we forgive and find peace? Guided healing is an incredible tool and we are so lucky today because there are thousands of helpful videos on YouTube that are 100% free. You can find your favourite teachers and healers on YouTube to learn and heal and create remarkable change in your life on all levels. Spirituality is no exception.

Make The Most Of Your Healing Session

You know, when it comes to guided healing videos (often called meditations although I prefer to make a distinction between the two) it is best to lay down under the cover and be as comfortable as you can possibly be, to really relax, open up and let go. Put on your headphones and float away on a wave of healing. Lay down on your back and find a posture that feels open and receptive to you. Set the intention to surrender and receive the healing that is available to you.

Try to do it when you are not super tired. But also note that sometimes the healing goes deep into the subconscious, and it is not necessarily a bad thing to fall asleep with the guided healing continuing in your headphones. Over time, if you come back to the same healing (recommended), then you will eventually be able to stay awake and aware and participate on a conscious level as well.

Why is it good to come back to the same guided healing? Because you are working through different levels of your consciousness and also establishing trust for your guide, which can take time. For you to be able to really open up and be vulnerable and go places you have never been before within your own complex being, trust is a must.

How to Forgive And Find Peace

Angelic Healing with Lisa Beachy

I love Lisa’s guided healings with the Archangels! On her YouTube Playlist ‘Angel Meditations‘ you can find 61 videos that take you on a healing journey with the magnificent Archangels. They are deep, powerful, and so full of love and light.

I have picked out two of the videos here that can help you to forgive and find peace. The first video is a guided healing for forgiveness with Archangel Raphael and the second is a healing video with Archangel Ariel, who will bathe you in Divine Love and heal your heart. If you want to practice self-love or learn more about it, please allow Archangel Ariel to help you. Remember that the Divine Archangels always come when you ask them to and they love to serve all human beings.

Archangel Zadkiel Prayer for Forgiveness

The Archangels are your brothers and sisters in the Light. They are supreme beings, yes, but they are not above you looking down. In the Angelic Realm we are all one and they are here to help us remember our own magnificent and sacred souls, which are of angelic nature. So never hesitate to reach out to them and to ask for help, guidance, healing, love, and support. Know that you are worthy and so loved! Melanie Beckler from is a phenomenal angelic channel and she will help you with meditations, prayers, card readings, channeled messages and more.

Are You Struggling To Forgive?

You are not alone. Please head over to the article How To Forgive The Unforgivable and read some more about forgiveness and how you can deal with this sometimes challenging opportunity for growth and healing. Sometimes it feels like we are ‘supposed’ to just forgive everything now (or yesterday!), and that we are failures if we don’t.

The truth of the matter is that you decide when you are ready. Forgiveness builds up in your sacred heart over time. Gradually. It opens up like a flower in your heart… ever tried to force a flower to open before it’s ready? In other words, love yourself first. Fill your heart with love until it opens.