Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek and his team

Welcome to this guide for Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek! You can read this through first and then use it as a reference throughout your healing experience. If you have amethyst crystals and jewelry, include them in this healing! Hold them in your hands or close to your heart or place them around you. The amethyst soul is intricately connected with the violet flame. Remember to be grateful for the support.

Do you wonder what the violet flame is?
First read this article: Healing with the Violet Flame

To begin your Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek and his team, sit down somewhere comfortable with a straight spine as if you were going to meditate. Many use the word meditation for this type of healing experience, but there is a difference between meditation and healing. This healing is a type of soul journey, where you will expand your awareness to encompass parts of you beyond your physical body and beyond your mind.

Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek

Healing Guide, step-by-step
Violet Flame Healing with Melchizedek

Step 1: Relax

Close your eyes and take a deep breath
Place your hands on your heart and take ten slow breaths
Breathing in on a count of five
Breathing out on a count of eight

When our out-breath is longer than our in-breath
The nervous system switches the body into relaxation mode

Let your shoulders relax
Let your jaw and your hands relax
Let your stomach relax and your neck relax

Whatever needs to be done today you will take care of later
Right now this healing is offered to you by the Universe

Step 2: Set Your Intention

Set the intention to be open and receptive
To this healing that is offered to you
Remember that it is your birthright
To be entirely healed and free of the past

The past and the future are only conceptual ideas
Because this one present moment is the only thing that is real

When you receive, you have more to give
When you are free, you will inspire others

As the Violet Flame appears in front of you in a short moment
You can release everything into that flame
Let it burn away everything that does not serve your highest good
Let it burn away everything that does not vibrate
In the frequency of unconditional love

Let it cleanse and clear you across all
Time, spaces, dimensions, realities, bloodlines,
Ancestral lines, possible futures and possible pasts
In alignment with divine timing, unconditional love
And compassion and for the highest good of all

Ground yourself firmly into Mother Earth like a massive oak
And stretch your arms to receive the present moment in your arms
And feel your heart space open

Violet Fire Healing with Lord Melchizedek

Step 3: The Violet Flame

Close your eyes and become aware of a soft light
Slowly swirling around you
It contains all nuances of purple, violet, lilac, and magenta
Even colors you have never seen before
It makes you feel blissful and serene

You are floating in a sea of healing and grace
The violet flame angels are moving within the light
Directing the healing flames towards you
Open yourself up to them
You are safe and eternally loved
Allow the healing to enter you
Across all dimensions

Before your inner vision
You become aware of the Violet Flame
It is 100 meters tall and 30 meters wide
Growing larger still
In this healing realm beyond time and space

Walk into the flame
Sit, stand, dance or lay down
Follow your intuition and open fully to this healing moment
Ascended Master Melchizedek and his team is joining you
Within the Violet Flame

Place your hands on your heart
Move into gratitude for this Divine healing
Give thanks to Ascended Master Melchizedek and his team
For blessing you with their presence
You just need to breathe and relax
And be open and receptive

It doesn’t matter if you are able to perceive
The healing with your senses
Focus on breathing deeply and letting go
Let the healing flame cleanse you within and without
Across all dimensions and realities

Release, simply by saying ‘Yes!’ in your heart
To the assistance and healing that is being offered to you now
Everything that you are ready to release
Will be transmuted and burnt away by the Divine Violet Flame
Stay here for as long as you want to

Step 4: Returning

Allow yourself to move into more stillness again
As the energetic motions slow down
The gorgeous violet nuances turn into a still soft white light
You become aware of the world outside
Busy as usual but you feel so peaceful and serene
Your frequency is high now and you are detached
From the drama and the worry and the pain
This peaceful dimension is part of your higher awareness

You can return to this stillness at any time
Now, take a few more breaths as you
Become aware of your body again
You remember the room you are in

Become conscious of how your body feels
Against the surface beneath you
As Mother Earth pulls you into
Her embrace with Gravity

Move your fingers slowly
Wiggle your toes
Put a smile on your face
And remember that you are loved
And awesome and free

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For more inspiration on working with the violet flame, I can always recommend you to visit Melanie Beckler’s website and read her article The Violet Flame ~ Experience Its Power With Help From Angels. She is also a wonderful soul to turn to if you want to connect deeply with the Archangels! I trust and respect her with all my heart.