How To Become One With Your Soul

We are complex, multidimensional beings. Yes, the basic understanding of a human being is that we are physical beings, but if you have landed on this page you probably already know that we are much more than flesh and bones. Perhaps you have sensed your soul or just know that it is there.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has sensed your soul/spirit, then you might be looking for ways to increase that soul connection. You wonder how you can become one with your soul. The truth is that you’re actually already 100% connected, plugged in, totally immersed in your soul.

The body is in the soul, not the other way around. The process of bringing more of your soul essence into this plane of existence–to merge the soul and the body–is what yoga means. Unity. Oneness. So if we are already totally connected, what is missing? Our awareness of that very connection. As long as we are unaware of something, it is as if it’s not there.

What Is Awareness?

First, I would like to point out that this level of spiritual work is not ‘too advanced’ or beyond you in any way. You don’t need to live in a cave and meditate for 20 years because thankfully, the human collective consciousness is already rising. Higher levels of awareness are becoming increasingly accessible.

Awareness turns on the light within, so to speak. In a few different ways. It turns the light on so that you can see the truth. It also turns on your spiritual light, your soul light, your Divine essence. The more you become aware, you expand your consciousness.

Increased awareness means that you become more sensitive, more present, and more connected. Your sensitivity gives you the ability to sense your soul. Being present means being here now, which is the only place where your soul is available. The rest is just fictive, artificial mind buzz.

How To Become One With Your Soul

What Happens When You Become Aware?

In the now you are connected to all that is. And as your awareness grows your connection increases, your sensitivity increases and you will become aware of the fact that you are absolutely immersed in your own soul light. You always were and always will be. It sounds bizarre, but that is the power of awareness.

Our free will has given us all the power to turn the light on and off as we please. To connect and disconnect. Stumble in the dark, bask in the light.

There Is No Magic Pill (Sorry!)

Awareness is cultivated in meditation and other spiritual practices. Your awareness will increase faster if you are disciplined and consistent in your spiritual practice, with daily meditation, healing modalities, studies, writing, prayer, yoga, and whatever it is that works best for you on your path.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and get back on the horse as fast as you can when you fall to the ground. Growth is always challenging at times, so go easy on yourself and just keep returning to your Sacred Heart.

How Do You Know If You Are One With Your Soul?

How do you know that you’re present and aware? How does it feel to know that you are one with your soul? You will feel lighter, freer, happier and more loving for no specific or apparent reason. Unconditional happiness, joy, and love will fill your body and make you smile and dance within. Living heaven on Earth.

Some Of My Favorite Teachers For Further Learning

Eckart Tolle
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