See The Divine In Everyone

We meditate, we chant mantras, we do yoga, we peel layer after layer, we go deep. We Go So Deep. Shedding harmful beliefs and ideas and judgments and concepts and stories. We forgive, we heal, our love grows stronger and wider, being more and more inclusive. We start to realise that we are all brothers and sisters, defying our old brain by loving instead of fearing.

One day, an explosive awareness wells up inside of us. A shimmering presence that is so beautiful that we are dumbstruck. What is it? We can call it The Holy Spirit or The Divine Essence or Shekniah; it has many names depending on what you want to call it. More importantly, when we get to that level of awareness, it makes itself known within our bodies, within our planet, within the air itself.

Most of us may have completely lost touch with the divine within. People can behave however they behave, make mistakes, do terrible things to others and the planet, they might hate themselves or others or both. They might kill, rape, torture, neglect, manipulate, and attack others. The divine within does not go anywhere. It is sleeping deep within, waiting for recognition. One day we will all know about the treasure that we carry in our hearts.

So my intention today is to remember. To see the divine in everyone. Despite outward appearances and situations and illusions. That is what namaste means. It is not just a trendy word to throw around. It is Hindu and it means: ‘I Bow To The Divine In You’.

More Spiritual Wisdom

To expand your awareness and reach deeper into your own heart, learn to connect with your own divine essence and that of our planet. I can really recommend Tara Brach. She is an incredible spiritual teacher using the language of Western Buddhism, but you don’t need to be a Buddhist to learn and grow with her. Her website is full of meditations, videos, and lots of free material.

Tara Brach is a gentle soul, soft and sweet like Kuan Yin herself. If you are more susceptible to a ‘tough love’ type approach, and more into words than feelings, check out Sadhguru instead. He is a yogi, author, and transformational leader who is sending out deep spiritual wisdom with no fluff, in an intelligent and unpolished way that many people can resonate with. A direct link to the higher realms.

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Guided meditations with Tara Brach

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