How to Have Fun On The Treadmill

Is it even possible to have fun on the treadmill? A little imagination can get you far at the gym and help you reach your fitness goals. I know that many people find it dreadful to go to the gym, but in many cases, it is because we aren’t taught how to tailor the experience in a way that really suits us.

With the optimal conditions, most of you would enjoy the workout so much more! I see people suffering at the gym and that is not how it is done. Make the gym or run your happy place. You can do that by taking the time to find the right tunes and playlists that really get you going in a positive way, the optimal shoes to be safe (and get the most out of your efforts) and an outfit that you really like. Make delicious smoothies for pre and post-workout to keep your energy levels balanced in order to stay in a good mood.

But there is something else you can do on that treadmill to boost your run in a fun and exciting way; use your imagination to go to places you have never been before.

Creative daydreaming will stop you from micromanaging your body’s movement so that you can get into the zone and let the body flow. It will stop any boring, negative or stressful thoughts and it will also energize you.

How to Have Fun On The Treadmill

Enjoy The Gym Run with Running Visualizations

One day I could feel my energy drop as I was running on the treadmill and I wasn’t even halfway to my goal. I knew that it was not physical fatigue, just boredom really. In an effort to motivate myself, I picked up my phone and searched for videos of running black panthers.

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Visualization #1 – Savanna Run with Panthers

I found a playlist with large cats speeding through incredible landscapes and I watched a couple of videos while I continued my run. Then I turned my music back on and started fantasizing about running with a group of those magnificent cats on the African savannah. I daydreamed about their speed and grace, almost flying over the uneven patches of dried-out grass under the hot morning sun. They know that they were born to run, and so were we. The body knows very well what to do when we just get out of the way.

Visualizing running with the panthers puts me in a very relaxed frame of mind, while it also energizes me to push harder. Those cats don’t stop or slow down when it gets challenging, they find the rhythm in the breath and keep pushing, even when it feels uncomfortable. I am not suggesting that you should hurt yourself on the treadmill – it is important to listen to the body! But we can be a bit lazy sometimes too, wanting to take a pause as soon as it gets a bit challenging.

It is supposed to be challenging, that’s why we go to the gym in the first place. To give it all, get exhausted, and reach our goals. Just like a panther.

Visualization #2 – Run With Wild Horses

Oh, would you not want to run with wild horses? Don’t worry, it is your fantasy so they won’t trample you down. Pick whatever landscape you want, choose the number of wild horses and just let your imagination run wild. Go, go! Fly over the ground just like humans have done since the dawn of time.

How to Have Fun On The Treadmill

Visualization #3 – City Marathon Run

Another running visualization I like is a city marathon, sprint or run of any kind. Imagine doing a 5K in Regent’s Park on a bright day in spring. The sea of people reaches as far as you can see and everyone has gathered in the name of health and wellness. They have prepared, they are stoked, fired up and ready to give it all! Imagine the vibe! All that buzzing energy flowing like excited rivers through the morning air.

Even if you have never run a 5K, marathon or anything similar, you have probably caught a glimpse of one on the telly or in a film. No need to get stuck on any details – and remember – your visualization doesn’t need to be realistic in any way. It is your daydream and it can be however you want it to be.

As you run along in the sea of people perhaps you have a friend by your side, or maybe you are just enjoying the sense of community of a vast number of strangers who, at this moment in time, share a common goal. You can speed up your run to discover new crowds of people, exchange pleasant smiles with people from all walks of life and really soak in the rays of the glorious sun.

Ah! Yes! Are you feeling it? That is a bit more interesting than staring at the treadmill dashboard. Remember that your playlist easily can make or break your workout, so really make time to create playlists for each mood that you want to stimulate. Warm-up, full-on, and down-time. I would love to read some visualization tips from you, so please comment below!

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